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My Filthiest Most Politest Comment….

Hey everyone!  This FilthySigns is a tshirt / accessories online store using funny slightly shady comical designs using ASL (American Sign Language) printed on tshirts and accessories.

The entire ASL designs were not created to offend the Deaf community in any way or form.  None of our designs make any negative reference or negative jokes about the Deaf Culture.  I am Deaf myself and I do take pride in my designs.

An idea popped in my head.  Why not introduce some funny sign languages to the hearing folks to give them a starting point with some humors that can be shared and understood between two cultures, Hearing and Deaf?

I make no apology for creating my filthiest, dirtiest, trashiest, wild t-shirts.

\X/ Keep on Rockin’!  \nn/

Let’s get Filthy ASL Wild!