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Filthy Signs T-Shirts & Accessories

Welcome to Filthy Signs T-shirts and Accessories online! Our online store has the most unique designs you'll find anywhere such as ASL shirts (also known as sign language shirts) containing dirty sign language. They are guaranteed to provoke a humorous conversation. Hell, even I think these filthy shirts are pretty funny!

If you came here because you saw our website logo on a business card, flyer, or other promotional channel and you are curious to know what that hand sign means, just watch the slideshow to the right and then hop over here to check out more dirty ASL/Sign Language shirts and filthy accessories..

ASL is short for American Sign Language which is my first language. I created several filthy ASL/Sign Language designs which are not intended to offend the Deaf Community. They were created to be funny and provoke a humorous conversation around them while educating those who do not know what they mean.